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Top 5 Mind Tricks

These are some of the top 5 mind reading tricks, where you appear to control your spectators minds. You can perform these in “Jedi mind trick” style, or you can put your own spin on these tricks. Power of the Mind The following video first shows each magic trick performance, followed by a tutorial of […]

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15 Holiday Magic Mind Tricks & Pranks

Looking for a holiday a good holiday theme magic trick for your next Christmas party? Here you can learn some magic that you can do at home. Jingle Bells Magic This is a great magic trick with a popular item for holidays… jingle bells! This one is actually more of a mentalist mind trick. Actually, […]

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3 Color Changing Card Tricks

Color changes are one of the more visually stunning magic tricks. In my professional magic shows, I often like to do a magic trick involving color changing cards. Want to learn to do a color changing card trick? There are a couple different types of color change card tricks; you can either change the fronts […]

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5 Mind Tricks to Amaze Your Friends

It’s fun to amaze your friends now and then with an amazing mind trick. Here are 5 tricks that will blow their minds. 1. “Bet you can’t break an egg” trick Show you friends this trick and see if they can break an egg like this. Try as your friends might, they can’t break the […]