Magic Resources

So you’re a budding new magician, you’ve learned some magic tricks from our site, and now you looking for more ways to get involved in magic?

Here are some resources that have helped many magicians in the past (including us), and we think may help you too:

  1. Local Magic Shops
    • A lot of cities have magic shops, where you can speak face to face with other magicians, and see the magic props and books in person. While we were budding magicians we spent many hours visiting magic shops, finding the most amazing magic tricks that we could.
  2. Magicians Organizations
    1. International Brotherhood of Magicians
      • Established in 1922, the International Brotherhood of Magicians (or IBM) is the world’s largest magic organization, with members in 88 countries. Find your local “ring”, as they call their assemblies.
    2. Society of American Magicians
  3. Magicana
    • If you’re too far from a local magic organization, a great way to see other magicians performing is and dig into the history of magic is to have a look at the Magicana site.
    • Videos: They’ve got lots of videos showing great master magicians from the past, performing some of their most famous magic tricks.
    • Exhibition: They’ve also got an online exhibition where you can explore many different areas of the performing art, including performers, composers, writers, designers and builders of magic.
    • Events: They’ve even got an events section where you can find out about performances, conferences, and workshops.
  4. Magic Magazines
    1. Genii – The Conjurors’ Magazine
    2. Magic Magazine
    3. IBM Linking Ring Magazine
    4. MUM Magazine
  5. Your Local Library
    • Your local library is a resource that should not be overlooked! You can find many books and even videos on the subject of magic tricks and magicians.

We hope this list of resources was helpful to you! If you have any more ideas of places that would be good resources, we’d love to hear from you in our comment section below.