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15 Holiday Magic Mind Tricks & Pranks

Looking for a holiday a good holiday theme magic trick for your next Christmas party? Here you can learn some magic that you can do at home.

Jingle Bells Magic

This is a great magic trick with a popular item for holidays… jingle bells! This one is actually more of a mentalist mind trick. Actually, it’s not just one magic mind trick, but two magic tricks in one video, so don’t miss the last one! You’ll need some metal jingle bells to do it, which you’ll need to modify.

The 12 Tricks of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my magician gave to me… 12 holiday magic tricks! Here are 12 magic tricks, pranks and mind tricks that are great for a holiday party!

This most of these require some special preparation, which is detailed in the video below.

Color Changing Bows

Here is a magic trick you can do with an item probably everyone has seen on their Holiday gifts… a bow! In this magic trick you can change the color of any bow to another color.

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