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Top 5 Mind Tricks

These are some of our top 5 mind reading tricks, where you appear to control your spectators minds. You can perform these in “Jedi mind trick” style, or you can put your own spin on these tricks.

Mind Trick
Learn mind tricks and magic tricks to amaze your friends, like a magician or in the style of a Jedi.

Power of the Mind

The following video first shows each magic trick performance, followed by a tutorial of how to do the magic trick yourself for your friends.

It contains the following mind tricks:

  1. The first mind trick is a card trick where you force the spectator to choose the card that you predicted.
  2. The second mind trick you demonstrate how the spectator can select any word from an entire book, and you can read their mind and know what they wrote.
  3. Have a spectator think of something meaningful and write it down and then burn it, only for you to be able to read their mind.
  4. You tell a spectator to select any number, but then reveal you forced them to choose a certain number you predicted previously.
  5. In the last one you tell a spectator to think of any card they see, but you influence them to think the card that you want.

Ready to see and learn the tricks? Watch the following video:

Of course you can perform just one of these at a time, or put all of them together and even learn some more mind tricks and magic tricks from our site and combine them into a full show.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Remember to practice your magic mind tricks before you ever perform them! The more you practice, the better chance you have of astounding your audience.

Do you have a favorite mind trick? Please tell us which trick is your favorite in the comments below.

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