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3 Color Changing Card Tricks

Color changes are one of the more visually stunning magic tricks. In my professional magic shows, I often like to do a magic trick involving color changing cards. Want to learn to do a color changing card trick?

There are a couple different types of color change card tricks; you can either change the fronts (faces), or the backs. All of these require some practice to get right. We’ll start with the easier one first, and then move to the more advanced versions.

Color Changing Backs

Wrapped Up Deck

This card trick is a great one from Jay Sankey, one of my favorite close-up magic creators. It’s different than the one I usually perform. This one is possibly even more visual though, as it happens in a split second right when the spectators eyes are fixated on the deck of cards and it’s wrapped in a rubber band.

Open Deck

This version is done without a rubber band, with just an open deck of cards, and also does not require a gaffed card. This one is a bit more difficult though, so be prepared to practice a lot (probably in a mirror) in order to get it looking correct so you can amaze your friends.

Color Changing Faces

This is my favorite most visible type of color change; when you change the face of the card to a completely different card. This is also the most difficult of the 3 effect. This can be done as a trick itself, or a “sucker” trick, where you fake producing the wrong card first, and then magically change it to the correct card.


As we said, all of these require practice, just like most all magic tricks. How you tried them in the mirror, and see if you can fool yourself? Were these tricks easy or difficult? Let us know in the comments below.

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