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5 Mind Tricks to Amaze Your Friends

It’s fun to amaze your friends now and then with an amazing mind trick. Here are 5 tricks that will blow their minds.

1. “Bet you can’t break an egg” trick

Show you friends this trick and see if they can break an egg like this. Try as your friends might, they can’t break the egg this way! Actually, we bet you can’t either. When you hold an egg by both its ends and put it between your palms, it’s extremely hard to break! Might we even say, impossible?

Yes, the egg is normal! This is a sort of science mind trick that it seems like you should be able to break it, but you can’t!

2. Read their mind trick with paper napkin

This is a great way to fool your friends into thinking you can read their minds!

3. Read their mind with math

Use a simple math trick to read their mind. Because you know the secret formula you can always guess their number.

4. Self working card trick

The amazing part about this card trick is that you don’t even need to know HOW it works your self! Just remember the steps, and it will work every time!

5. Magical self linking paper clips trick

Make two paper clips magically fly off of a dollar bill and automatically link together in mid air. You may amaze not only your friends with this magic trick, but also your self! Yes, this is another magic mind trick that uses the power of physics and science to fool the mind into thinking something amazing is happening!

We hope you enjoyed those mind tricks! Pull one of them out and watch your friends jaws drop!

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