What is the Mind-Reading Envelope Trick?

is the mind-reading envelope trick?

Have you ever seen a mentalist read someone’s mind with the help of an envelope? If you’re wondering how they do it, you’ve come to the right place. In this extensive article, we’ll not only explain what the mind-reading envelope trick is but also deep dive into its secrets and reveal how it's done. We’ll also provide expert advice and additional tips for those who want to master the art of mind-reading with envelopes.

The Basics of the Mind Reading Envelope Trick

The mind-reading envelope trick is a mystery trick that is used by mentalists and magicians all over the world, to astound their audience. This trick involves placing a message or a prediction inside an envelope, which the mentalist then claims they cannot see through. They then give the envelope to someone to hold, asking them to concentrate on its contents.

Inexplicably, the envelope owner's thoughts magically travel to the mentalist, who is then able to reveal the message or prediction. It's a trick that is not limited to just envelopes and can be done with other objects such as sealed containers, cigarette boxes, or small bags.

How it's Done

The Secret – The mentalist first writes a prediction or a message on a piece of paper and seals it inside the envelope. The envelope is then marked with an easy to remember symbol, which the mentalist uses as a trigger for their mind-reading abilities.

Before handing over the envelope to someone to keep, the mentalist primes it with an invisible substance, such as sodium bicarbonate, that reacts with water. They ask the participant to be sure to keep the envelope dry and not let it touch any water.

As the envelope is held, the participant's sweat or moisture can activate the invisible substance, turning it a different color that the mentalist can see from a distance. This is how the mentalist reads their thoughts.

Types of Mind Reading Envelope Tricks

There are several variations of the mind-reading envelope trick, and we'll touch on some of the more famous ones. Let's take a look at each of them.

The Kreskin Envelope Trick

The Kreskin Envelope Trick is a well-known variation on the mind-reading envelope trick, named after the mentalist, the Amazing Kreskin, who performed it on TV shows regularly. In this trick, a participant writes down a secret word and seals it in an envelope. The envelope is then mixed with other envelopes containing different secret words. The mentalist discovers the correct word by sensing the correct envelope.

Number Prediction Envelope Trick

In this envelope trick, the participant writes down a number of their choice on a piece of paper and seals it inside an envelope. They then put the envelope away in a secure place. The mentalist then writes a number on a piece of paper claiming it is the same number the participant has in their envelope.

Then, the participant is asked to open the envelope they had sealed earlier, and to everyone's amazement, it's the same number as the one written on the mentalist's paper.

How to Master the Mind-Reading Envelope Trick

Are you eager to learn how to perform the mind-reading envelope trick, but don't know where to start? Here are some tips to help you begin:

Practice Makes Perfect

The first tip is pretty straight forward. Practice, practice, practice! Envelopes are the perfect object to conduct the mind reading trick because they are easily accessible and common. So, gather as many envelopes as you can and keep practicing until you get the hang of it.


The key to mind reading is misdirection. Keep your audience occupied with something else while you set up the trick. You can put on a show with your words, hands, or use other objects to build up the suspense. Make sure you distract them enough to not be suspicious of your actual set up.

Use Body Language

Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal when it comes to mind-reading. Pay close attention to your participant's body language when they hold the envelope, looking out for cues that may give away something. Train yourself to notice small details like a trembling hand, or the way they are holding the envelope.


Research different variations of the trick and observe how other mentalists perform it. Watch their body language and movements closely. It's always a good idea to learn from the best to improve your own technique.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Don't forget to prime your envelope with an invisible substance to reel in your participant's thoughts.
  • Mind-reading tricks can be performed on any object that can hold something.
  • It's important to have a well-crafted misdirection ready to keep your audience occupied.


How do you read minds trick with paper?

The mind-reading trick with paper is similar to the envelope trick. Instead of an envelope, a participant writes down their thoughts on a piece of paper, which is then folded and held. With the help of an invisible substance, you should then prime the paper and use your mentalist skills to read the participant's thoughts.

What is the mind-reading magic trick with 3 questions?

In this trick, the mentalist asks the participant to write down the answers to three questions on three separate pieces of papers, which are then handed back to the mentalist. The mentalist reveals the answers to all three questions, even though they never looked at them.

How do you read a simple mind trick?

In this trick, a participant is asked to pick a number between one and ten and then to multiply it by nine. They are then asked to add the digits of their result and subtract five. The number they're left with is then equated with a letter in the alphabet. The mentalist then reveals the letter.


The mind-reading envelope trick is a classic mentalism trick that has been around for centuries. It has fascinated audiences and left many people wondering how it's done. In this article, we've explained the basics of the trick and how it's done.

We've also shared some variations of the mind-reading envelope trick for you to explore and gave some tips and expert advice to help you master the art. Now that you know the secret, it's up to you to practice and become the next great mentalist.

Remember, this trick takes patience, skill, and creativity, so keep practicing and perfecting your craft. Good luck!

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