Mind Reading Tricks Revealed [2023]

mind reading tricks revealed

Are you tired of being left in awe and confusion after witnessing a mind-reading trick? Do you want to be the one who takes command of the situation, and leaves your audience speechless? Then it's time to unveil the secrets behind mind-reading tricks. In this comprehensive guide, we will reveal mind-reading tricks that professionals use to impress and entertain their audience.

How to Perform Mind-Reading Tricks with Numbers

Mind-reading tricks with numbers are one of the most popular types of mind-reading tricks. They are easy to perform and can be done by anyone with proper practice. Here are some popular mind-reading tricks with numbers:

The Magic Square Trick

One of the most popular mind-reading tricks with numbers is the magic square trick. In this trick, you have to ask a member of the audience to call out any number between 1 and 100. Then, you fill out a square of 16 boxes using the number called out by the audience member and consecutive numbers following it. The trick is to make sure that each row, column, and diagonal of the square adds up to the same magic number.

Pro Tip: Practicing this trick beforehand will help you memorize the square so that you can perform it smoothly.

The 1089 Trick

In the 1089 trick, you ask your audience member to write down any three-digit number in descending order and then its reverse in ascending order. Subtract the smaller number from the larger one, reverse the resulting number and add it to the original number. You will always get 1089.

Pro Tip: This trick works best when you practice it many times until you remember the sequence of steps involved.

The Prediction Trick

The prediction trick is another popular mind-reading trick with numbers. In this trick, you write down a prediction of any three-digit number. After some flourishing, you ask your audience member to write down any number, and then add up all the digits of that number. If the sum is greater than one digit, they then add up those digits to arrive at a single number. The result should be subtracted from the original number, and you will always get the number that you predicted initially.

Quick Fact: According to a survey, 80% of individuals found the prediction trick to be the most impressive.

How to Perform Mind-Reading Tricks with Words

Mind-reading tricks with words also have their own unique charm and are not as complex. Here are some popular mind-reading tricks with words:

Name Recognition

Name recognition is a mind-reading trick that implies guessing someone's name. In this trick, you ask a member of the audience to write down any name on a piece of paper. Then, you remove the piece of paper, and write down a name on a piece of paper yourself. Once you compare the two names, they are revealed to be the same.

Pro Tip: This trick is based on a general psychological principle, which says that people have a bias towards their own name.

Word Prediction

The word prediction trick, also known as PsyCon, is an effective way of performing mind-reading tricks with words. In this trick, you ask a member of the audience to think of any word while you are turned around. Then, the audience member reveals a letter from the word, and you can reveal the entire word. The trick here is to employ cold reading and deductive reasoning to predict the word.

Quick Fact: The word prediction trick works best when you set a relaxed and confident atmosphere.

Card Prediction

In the card prediction trick, you will ask a member of the audience to choose a card from a deck, memorize it and then return it to the deck. You then shuffle the deck, and remove three cards, reading out two of their values to the audience but keeping the last card hidden. You finish with revealing the last remaining card as the audience member’s chosen card.

Pro Tip: Make sure you shuffle the cards well to prevent a marked card.

Secrets Behind Mentalism

Mentalism is a performance art that uses techniques of magic, illusion, and psychology to create the illusion of paranormal abilities. Here are some popular mentalism techniques:

Cold Reading

Cold reading is one of the essential skills of mentalism, and it is used to create the illusion of telepathy. In cold reading, a mentalist makes assumptions about an individual’s traits from their appearance, body language, and mannerisms. They can then use this information to create conversation, and their accuracy may seem like they can "read the participant's mind".

Secret Writing

Secret writing is a mentalism technique that is used to create the illusion of mind reading. In this technique, participants write down information, fold it, and hand it to a mentalist. The mentalist can then use cues such as the pressure on the paper, folding, and creases, to determine the content of the "secret" writing.

Pro Tip: With enough practice, secret writing can be accomplished effectively by beginners.


Micro-expressions are fleeting emotional expressions that last less than 1/25th of a second. Mentalists use these expressions to make assumptions about a person's thoughts and emotions. While the information gleaned from such expressions isn’t factual, it can convey psychological clues to the mentalists’ predictions.

Quick Fact: Micro-expressions can be difficult to master, but they are well worth learning to perform the perfect mentalism trick.

Mind-Reading Tools

There are various tools that mentalists use to perform their mind-reading tricks. These tools are designed to deceive and create the illusion of mind reading.

Invisible Thread

Invisible thread is a thin, transparent type of thread used in close-up magic and mentalism. It is used to make objects such as playing cards float in the air, create an invisible link from one object to another, or suspend small objects in mid-air.


A billet is a small slip of paper or material used by mentalists to perform their tricks. Billets are pre-prepared with desired predictions or information that the mentalist needs to decipher.

Hypnotic Imagery

Hypnotic imagery is a mentalist tool that is used to create persuasive mental imagery. It is created by using language and imagery that primes individuals to achieve a specific outcome, such as believing in the mentalist’s prediction or reading of the mind.

Pro Tip: Only a professional mentalist should attempt hypnotic imagery, as the technique can misfire and backfire.


How to do a Mind-Reading Magic Number Trick?

A mind-reading magic number trick can be done by practicing and understanding the steps involved. Common magic number tricks include the magic square trick, the 1089 trick, and the prediction trick. Practicing these tricks will help you gain mastery over the techniques involved.

What is the Secret Behind Mentalism?

The secret behind mentalism lies in honing perception and observation skills. It also involves mastering cold reading, secret writing, and micro-expressions. Mentalists make assumptions based on their audience’s personality traits and behaviour, creating the illusion of mind reading.

How Do Mentalists Guess Names?

Mentalists employ a psychological principle called ‘Barnum Statements’ to create the illusion of guessing names. These statements are generically accurate, allowing mentalists to make probable guesses about an individual’s name based on their personality traits.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Confidence is the key to successful mind-reading performances.
  • Always practice your performances to avoid mistakes.
  • Understand the technique behind each trick to perform them correctly.
  • Entertain your audience with jokes and funny commentary.

In conclusion, mind-reading tricks are an awesome way to entertain, impress and confound your audience. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this guide has helped reveal some incredible mind-reading tricks, tools, and techniques. With enough practice, you can improve your abilities and create mind-blowing performances. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing today!


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